Saturday, January 29, 2011

that's relieving

presentation was great
though all of us were lil' bit nervous.
still i want to say, good job my members..
i hv a good feeling abt this, according to what my guts' telling me lols
i've tried my best.

wanted to have a blast after final yr project presentation.
plan to do anything i like.. just to relax.
Ended up spending the evening with brothers-in-christ.
with cool guitar skills someone's having,
we've had lots of fun singing throughout.
someone nearly kena choked by his own phlegm sia. haha
all the chattings, laughs & singing..
man, lets do it another time again

more than 3 hours in sch
so hungry that we decided to leave for dinner
suprisingly bumped into someone at train station, unexpected situation here. =/
*well, skip that*
And we head to aljunied for awesome beef noodles.
sad ah, arrived thr & realised that stall was closed!
changed our mind for next door's penang restaurant.
glad that everyone loved their meal =)
after dinner, we continued to hunt for food at nearby pasar malam
haha, n we were attarted by the strong smell of smelly tofu.
a chinese delicacy. good try.

Suddenly a proposal of watching midnight movie show.
woo, my first try.
Solomon Kane @ 11.50pm
Brand new cinema, theathre was nice & cozy.
almost 2am when the show ended,
leaving the quiet + freezing cold mall,
gonna check out any night ride bus that could fetch me home.
like what i expected thr isn't any.
Did not feel disappointed nia, yet im prepared to walk home ady.
just a few bus stops distance.
really appreciate that a friend accompanied me.
Thanks nia! Treat u meal next time =]

thought it's 2am in the night,
the road was somehow quite busy, i mean cars and bikes.
not really a dead street though. Good, that made me felt more secure walking back home.
Super nice~ the air was cool, the best weather to stroll.
nice chat with a friend.. and great, that's not lonely at all.
Along the street was flowers and plants.
not even feeling anxious as i crossed the road
God, it's a peaceful world as it should be.

Walking home with a friend is unexpected
the street was quiet and peaceful

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Romans 8:26, Proverbs 3:5

"And the Holy Spirit helps us in our distress. For we don't even know what we should pray for, nor how we should pray. But the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings that cannot be expressed in words."
Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight."
This is so comforting =')

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


once being hurt
it's hard for you to forget.
especially when it involved someone whom u did care for alot.
someone whom u enjoyed talking to.
you'd been close to him/her. Nah, thats the problem.
because of the close relationship,
it's harder for u to accept the fact that, he/she hurt-ed you.
u couldn't believe such thing would happen.
if he/she were to be someone random outside,
the impact wont be as strong, or, the same. (bcoz u wont care)

just because, i was being too caring
thats why i was so deeply affected.

a different mindset now.
it might not be always good when you own a very close relationship.
colleagues, partnes, friends. etc.
all are similar.

it's easy for me to forgive anybody,
except those whom i used to be very close to.
lord, this is prayer to you.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


having bad flu right now.
went home after sunday school, then slept for whole afternoon.
like system shut down liddat.
anyone who's reading this post..,
i need a prayer =]

well, today was my first time to stand on stage, to be gutarist.
for so many times i've played, suprisingly im nervous.
totally off tempo. wasai. totally stress.
is different when u're playing in a small fellowship group.
thk im most confident to play as one, alone in room. lol.
may be i've stage-phobia or what.
now i know, one thing for me to conquer is this kind of fear for being on stage.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Assignments T-T

overloaded with many assignments, reports.
Final year project is due in 1 week.
stop being lazy and finish them all!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Spinnovex 2011

beginning of the year, all polytechnics will have their own showcases.
This year's SP one was very grand,
skate park, rock climbing wall, robot performance, exhibitions
pop corn and candy floss (oh yay)
Glad that i was involved this time round.
It's a great event to learn lotsa things and make some new friends.
got to interact with the audience...
brushed up my presentation skills...
got to know Friends from the neighbouring booths..
and also, slacked for the whole day, haha.

It was surely a memorable one
4 days is just not enough HAHA


dried & ground into powder. we're doing biosorption here for water treatment.
ah ha..

ma booth! some lecturer said it's more like food science student selling lemon, instead of chemical engineering lor.

Theme of the year

-photo at skate park-
Those from chemical & life sciences..
chemical engineering, food science, biomedical, chemical process, etc.
ow~ some from mechinal engineering too.

I love this skate park.
that night was windy and it's so comfortable to chill thr.
feel like laying down and hv star gazing
best carry along a guitar and sing with fellow friends.
sure nice! x)
glad to knw u all friends before graduating

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's another new year.
time flies..
lets try our best in this brand new year =)

i'll be back!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

thk it's rainy season
rain can anyhow shower suddenly =O

couple of weeks ago
outside my corridor, the after-rain sky
i was trying to look for the covenant mentioned in bible
whr's the rainbow?
traced around, i suppose i couldnt find any ={
but far away, a pinky sun was hiding behind the clouds.
i smiled

Thursday, April 8, 2010

caterpillar sneak into my house

Lol, just i walked pass the living room, the light was off.
then suddenly saw this "little-brinjal-like thing".
i said to my bro: "Goh, what's that ah? a leave or fruit..?"
Goh: "It's moving!"
me: "really wor~?" then i switched on the lights.
me: "aiseh, a caterpillar sia~~ Oii, go toss it away leh."
Goh: "I scare."
me: "walau, i tot u suppose to protect ur sis!" = =
then i jiu grabbed the little fella with a tissue.
it's texture like jelly liddat, haha.. *wobbly-wobbly*
fling it out of 14-floor window sure okay, its 'cushion' can save itself.
brought the thing to corridor and tossed it away.
but the cater' dangled onto the tissue nia.
thk i shake too hard, the cater' bumped into wall on the other side.
sorry.. hope mr. cater's still alright. hehs.
my bro said i was being cruel sia.
i shall leave mr. cater' alone, wait till it climbs to his bed. *grin*

and i just came back from kitchen..
was preparing meals for tmr 12 hrs day shift.
cous-cous + light-fried chix fillet + stir fried veges.
and sandwich,
and yoghurt too.

in case u dont know wat cous-cous is.. =) just soak in hot water and cover with lid/film. easy~ can mix in chicken stalk or salt+pepper, any flavour u wanna. hehs.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

fingers are aching, for two weeks i never play guitar le.
should i blame the strings for being too thick.
seems like i cannot press the chords properly sia.
all the weird weird sound came out,
think i gonna change to gauge 10/11 strings.
anyways, cptc's night shift was over!
after yesterday's night shift, i bumped onto my bed.
and straight away hibernate. like system shut down liddat.
so sorry that i missed cf's badminton outing. =X

the previous 2 night shifts were fun fun. though it's really tiring.
rmb the easter egg gifts got from church?
they were eaten by wangcong & zul on the 1st night. lol.
ppl starts busy troubleshooting, doing work.
some ZZZzz~, sleeping with heads dangling out of their chairs.
some watched horror sia = =
thk i wandered around and chatted with friends, hehs.
work shifts really bring ppl together.
can get to know each other better; how they work and talk.
some get to hate each other more. i wonder why.
and i left one more Day Shift on thursday, will be handed over by the night-shift-dudes from SP04. i wanna see their zombie-faces. LOLz.